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My Grandfather Gets Wind Of Tiger Woods…

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Last night, my grandfather called me. He had heard a lot of news about Tiger Woods and wanted to discuss. For the record, I have no interest in the story and up until this point, I hadn’t discussed it or mentioned it once. However, I wasn’t about to tell my near 90 year old grandfather to shut up, so I endured.

His opening question inspired me to tweet some of our convo. Here is what transpired

9:52PM: 89yo grandfather calls just now: “Angelo! Have you heard all this news about Tiger Woods? Why wld a golfer need so much sex?”

10:04PM: Grandfather (still about Tiger): “I know it’s human. But who needs more than 1 mistress? Maybe he has bad self-esteem. He looks weird.”

10:17PM: This conversation needs to end, quickly. Grandfather: “well, i hv my theories on y he wants more than 1 mistress. But it’s sexual.”

10:18PM: Grandfather: “It’s called a menage a three. Do you know this expression.”

10:19PM: Up until now, I have completely avoided Tiger coverage/talk. I can’t believe my grandfather has been discussing this for 30 mins.

10:27PM: Me: “Pop, I don’t think he was sleeping w/them @ same time.” // Grndfthr: “Come on! He’s kinky. Don’t be gullible. The TV protects rich ppl”

10:32PM: We’re at the 40 minute mark. After a confusing reference to Eddie Murphy & transvestites – now talking about Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus

10:38PM: Finally. Grandfather: “Ok. I’m going. Don’t spend too much time on all this gossip – u shld be smarter than this. Love you. Night.”



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December 6, 2009 at 11:02 am

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