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The Parable of Little Men in the Television

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[I’m blatantly stealing a joke from Douglas Adams and re-purposing it as a critique of American media. With no further delay….]

In an interview with a Democratic politician, A Sunday Show said he was told that Republicans claim they didn’t understand how televisions work, and were convinced that there must be lots of little men inside the box, manipulating images at high speed. The Democrat explained to the Sunday Show host about high-frequency modulations of the electromagnetic spectrum, transmitters and receivers, amplifiers and cathode ray tubes, scan lines moving across and down a phosphorescent screen. The host listened to the engineer with careful attention, nodding his head at every step of the argument. At the end he pronounced himself satisfied. He really did now understand how televisions work. “But I expect there are just a few little men in there, aren’t there?”


If you don’t like this, blame me, not Adams…


Written by John Whitehouse

May 31, 2011 at 7:38 pm

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I Am Required To Link To This

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I really enjoyed this take on the War of Jenkins Ear, but as you may be able to guess, I am prone to such a reaction.


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April 5, 2011 at 10:12 pm

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I Hope Samuel L. Jackson Was On The Flight

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Now, the lighter side of the news. The world isn’t all oil companies needing profit while innocent Africans die. For instance:

AFP – Indonesian airport officials said they had foiled an attempt by two Kuwaitis to smuggle 40 pythons in their luggage.

Suspects Yaqub Ebrahim and Ali Hasan were caught Friday at Jakarta’s international airport as they tried to carry the sedated serpents onto an Emirates Airlines flight to Dubai.

“From many foiled cases, people often use the flights to Dubai to smuggle illegal animals,” Salahudin Rafi, operational and technical director at airport operator Angkasa Pura II, said in an emailed statement to AFP.

This, of course, should have ended another way:


Written by John Whitehouse

March 26, 2011 at 2:26 pm

My Grandfather Gets Wind Of Tiger Woods…

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Last night, my grandfather called me. He had heard a lot of news about Tiger Woods and wanted to discuss. For the record, I have no interest in the story and up until this point, I hadn’t discussed it or mentioned it once. However, I wasn’t about to tell my near 90 year old grandfather to shut up, so I endured.

His opening question inspired me to tweet some of our convo. Here is what transpired

9:52PM: 89yo grandfather calls just now: “Angelo! Have you heard all this news about Tiger Woods? Why wld a golfer need so much sex?”

10:04PM: Grandfather (still about Tiger): “I know it’s human. But who needs more than 1 mistress? Maybe he has bad self-esteem. He looks weird.”

10:17PM: This conversation needs to end, quickly. Grandfather: “well, i hv my theories on y he wants more than 1 mistress. But it’s sexual.”

10:18PM: Grandfather: “It’s called a menage a three. Do you know this expression.”

10:19PM: Up until now, I have completely avoided Tiger coverage/talk. I can’t believe my grandfather has been discussing this for 30 mins.

10:27PM: Me: “Pop, I don’t think he was sleeping w/them @ same time.” // Grndfthr: “Come on! He’s kinky. Don’t be gullible. The TV protects rich ppl”

10:32PM: We’re at the 40 minute mark. After a confusing reference to Eddie Murphy & transvestites – now talking about Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus

10:38PM: Finally. Grandfather: “Ok. I’m going. Don’t spend too much time on all this gossip – u shld be smarter than this. Love you. Night.”


Written by Angelo

December 6, 2009 at 11:02 am

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A Look Ahead…

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Couple posts on the horizon. Here’s a look ahead:

  • Glenn Beck continues to lose sponsors. Watch out for updates to the list of dropped/remaining sponsors as well as new action alerts. Done. You can see the updated list here.
  • In case you haven’t heard, electronic voting machine giant ES&S recently acquired Diebold’s electronic voting machine division.  This acquisition will give ES&S control of approximately 75% of voting machines in the United States.  Recently, the Senate Rules & Administration Committee announced an investigation into the merger.
  • A primer on Afghanistan.
  • A survey of 2009 ballot measures dealing with gay issues.

Written by Angelo

October 20, 2009 at 9:14 am

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What the hell is wrong with the French?

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When he took the job as French culture minister last June, Frédéric Mitterrand probably did not think that a four-year-old tell-all book could come back to haunt him.

But this week, his admission in a 2005 autobiography that he had paid for sex with “young boys” in Thailand became the subject of a growing campaign to oust him from the cabinet of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The reason for the sudden interest in Mr. Mitterrand’s prose was his quick and energetic defense last month of the 76-year-old film director Roman Polanski, who is fighting extradition to the United States from Switzerland over having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

I understand that cultures are different, but I thought we’ve all gone past the point of adults having sex with minors for money.  At least there is a movement afoot to throw him from office.

Seriously, though, sex with boys in Thailand?  And how did this take until now to be revealed?  French media FAIL.

The strangest part:

Earlier in the day, one of Mr. Sarkozy’s most senior aides had already rallied to Mr. Mitterand’s support, highlighting the sense of alarm in the government.

“I don’t see why he can’t stay in the government, and I don’t see why we dredge up such a pathetic polemic after such a long time,” the aide, Henri Guaino, said of Mr. Mitterrand on France 2 television. “Is he on trial? Has he committed a crime?”

He’s not on trial, but yes, he very well might have committed a crime, unless prostitution of minors in France is something ordinary. Somehow, I doubt that.

Written by John Whitehouse

October 8, 2009 at 10:20 am

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You Demand Answers! Why Does Glenn Beck’s Head Writer Hail Soviet Era Brutal Dictator On His Myspace Page?

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[Note: The people are real.  Their jobs are real. The picture is real.  This post will sarcastically employ Glenn Beck’s jingoistic rhetoric and logical analysis to this available information. If you have an issue with such logic, please take it up with him.  If you find the beginning a tad slow, feel free to look at questions at the bottom first.]

America, I have a shocking revelation to tell you about – simply shocking.  I mean, it may just make your head fly off your shoulders and crawl up your own ass – that’s how disturbing and shocking this is.

Last night, it was brought to my attention that Glenn Beck’s “Words Czar” has ties to a brutal, totalitarian, Soviet era dictator.  At first, I didn’t believe it.  I said to my researchers – you show me the proof, a picture, something!  I can’t just write a blog post about this, unless I know what I am presenting to my readers has been vetted.

So, they came back to me with the following picture pulled from Stu Burguiere’s actual MySpace page.*  Stu is the Glenn Beck Program’s Executive Producer and Head Writer.  But, what that really means is  – Beck’s Words Czar. [*For those unaware, I’m not just picking on a random employee of Beck’s.  Stu gets substantial radio air time alongside Beck & some TV time. He is a personality onto his own & his MySpace page is public.]

The picture (I warn you, it is…disturbing): Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Angelo

September 2, 2009 at 6:15 am