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Republican Former Judge Who Thinks State Can Imprison or Execute Homosexuals Wants To Run For President

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Roy Moore, who is a former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, plans on setting up a 2012 presidential exploratory committee in mid-April.

CNN reports:

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who garnered attention and lost his job after building a Ten Commandments monument outside Alabama’s judicial building, is considering seeking the Republican presidential nomination, his top aide confirmed to CNN.


An active member of the tea party movement, Moore received the All-American award from the Central Texas Tea Party in February.

Moore visited Iowa four times last summer, holding rallies against same-sex marriage in the state. Following his April announcement, Moore will travel to the three other key primary states: Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire.

The CNN piece leaves out one substantial piece of Moore’s viciously anti-gay history though…

In 2002, Moore filed a concurring opinion in the case Ex Parte H.H.  In it, he called for stripping custody from a parent that engages in homosexual conduct (even if they are the biological parents):

I concur in the opinion of the majority that D.H., the mother of the minor children in this case, did not establish a change of circumstances sufficient to transfer custody to her from H.H., the father of the minor children. I write specially to state that the homosexual conduct of a parent — conduct involving a sexual relationship between two persons of the same gender — creates a strong presumption of unfitness that alone is sufficient justification for denying that parent custody of his or her own children or prohibiting the adoption of the children of others.

Oh, and he also tossed in a little mention about his belief that the state can imprison and even execute homosexuals:

The State carries the power of the sword, that is, the power to prohibit conduct with physical penalties, such as confinement and even execution. It must use that power to prevent the subversion of children toward this lifestyle, to not encourage a criminal lifestyle.

Back in February 2010, Moore spoke at the first ever Tea Party Convention – the same convention that Sarah Palin delivered the keynote to.

Moore’s expected entrance in the race also means that he could be debating in Fox News’ GOP primary debate, which is set for May.


Written by Angelo

March 28, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Bobby Jindal Disproves Sarah Palin

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I beat up on him the other day, but the Economist Democracy in America blog sticks up for Bobby Jindal, looks at his positive record on ethics and also his record on unemployment insurance. But the most interesting paragraph is last:

One other note about Mr Jindal, in light of the news of the day. His experience gives the lie to Sarah Palin’s implicit claim that liberal elitists and the mainstream media are set on personally destroying anybody who imperils the cozy, cliquish white-male old-money boy’s club. We hardly hear a peep about Mr Jindal’s personal life. I don’t even know if he has kids. Possibly because if he does he’s not always using them as props in glamorous photo shoots. We hear only a little about his remarkable religious experiences, but only a little, because he doesn’t generally refer to Jesus when he’s explaining his political beliefs or governing decisions. Had Ms Palin gone back to Alaska after the campaign and paid attention to governing the sideshow part of life would quickly have subsided. It’s like Dr Phil says, Ms Palin: you teach people how to treat you.

Obviously, Jindal was never a candidate for the vice presidency. But the point still stands – one does not have to be a fierce culture warrior who wears their entire life on their sleeve to succeed in politics. Jindal, despite sounding like Kenneth the Page in a silly sing song voice in his debut, can erase that with thoughtful speeches and debate appearances.

Ultimately, the only way to successfully govern as an executive is to actually govern. One can get by on charm and tenacity to the masses. Jindal is getting into the weeds and making decisions – some good, some bad. Palin is jumping ship early because it would be hard.

The conventional wisdom was always that she should put her head down and work hard. In this particular case, the conventional wisdom was right.

Written by John Whitehouse

July 6, 2009 at 4:14 pm

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2012 Central: Palin Popular but Polarizing

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A few die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters turned to Sarah Palin when Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination and John McCain picked the Alaska Governor as his running mate.  A new poll indicates that if any are hoping Palin exacts revenge on Obama, that they might be in for a case of deja vu:

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted June 10-14 among 1,502 adults reached on landlines and cell phones, finds that impressions of Sarah Palin have not changed much since the presidential campaign. Palin continues to be a divisive figure among the general public, with about as many saying they have an unfavorable impression (44%) as a favorable view (45%) of the Alaska governor.

Palin is still popular among Republicans, and has to be the odds on favorite to be the 2012 nominee. But the nomination is going to come down to Palin versus someone else – just like the Democratic nomination was always going to, with Hillary Clinton having locked in that first spot. The second spot was mostly between Obama and Edwards, and Obama’s win in Iowa gave it to him – Edwards’ support collapsed there after.

The question now is who is Palin going to face eventually. Right now, the favorite for that spot has to be Mitt Romney. Take Romney’s keener political instincts, better fundraising history, primary experience, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he took the nomination. There’s a lot of other dark shots, but the GOP doesn’t have a long history of turning to dark shots, and none of the others have really distinguished themselves so far.

In the 2008 GOP primary, the nomination essentially was decided in Florida, when McCain edged out Romney. If it wasn’t in Florida but was in a stronger Romney area, it’s possible Romney could have won (but doubtful – the timing of the primaries really favored McCain). So assuming it comes down to Palin and Romney, the key will be where they have a showdown and what their respective strengths are. We’ll be discussing that over the next couple of years – no reason to cover everything now.

Written by John Whitehouse

June 25, 2009 at 12:26 pm