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CNN: We’re Not Paying Attention

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CNN: New website, same old ineptitude.


CNN thinks the race in the New York 23rd hold “little national interest” and that Palin is taking some strange tact by endorsing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over the GOP candidate.

Well, here’s a list of national figures who have endorsed in the NY 23rd: Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Tom Cole, Jim DeMint, Dana Rohrabacher, Tim Pawlenty, Fred Thompson, Rick Santorum, Steve Forbes, Michelle Bachmann, sort of Mike Huckabee, John Linder, the New York Post editorial page, Michael Barone, and Todd Tiahrt. And all but Gingrich endorsed Hoffman.

Moreover, Hoffman on his website has audio clips of him on three popular (unfortunately so, but still) conservative radio shows: Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh.

Yet, to CNN, there is “little national attention” on this race, and it is only a referendum on Palin. This makes literally no sense whatsoever if you pay more than 5 minutes attention to politics per day.


Written by John Whitehouse

October 28, 2009 at 8:13 pm

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I’m Sure We Couldn’t Find GOP Donors of $34,000 Who Did Something Despicable, Right?

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Jim Geraghty: “he celebrities who signed the “Free Roman Polanski” petition gave $34,000 to Barack Obama and the DNC last year, and not a penny to Republicans.”

What’s next, Obama told Polanski to do it? It did happen in 1977 when Obama was in high school, but he did move to LA to go to college in 1978. Is that supposed to be a coincidence?

Written by John Whitehouse

October 8, 2009 at 10:45 am

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Bobby Jindal Disproves Sarah Palin

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I beat up on him the other day, but the Economist Democracy in America blog sticks up for Bobby Jindal, looks at his positive record on ethics and also his record on unemployment insurance. But the most interesting paragraph is last:

One other note about Mr Jindal, in light of the news of the day. His experience gives the lie to Sarah Palin’s implicit claim that liberal elitists and the mainstream media are set on personally destroying anybody who imperils the cozy, cliquish white-male old-money boy’s club. We hardly hear a peep about Mr Jindal’s personal life. I don’t even know if he has kids. Possibly because if he does he’s not always using them as props in glamorous photo shoots. We hear only a little about his remarkable religious experiences, but only a little, because he doesn’t generally refer to Jesus when he’s explaining his political beliefs or governing decisions. Had Ms Palin gone back to Alaska after the campaign and paid attention to governing the sideshow part of life would quickly have subsided. It’s like Dr Phil says, Ms Palin: you teach people how to treat you.

Obviously, Jindal was never a candidate for the vice presidency. But the point still stands – one does not have to be a fierce culture warrior who wears their entire life on their sleeve to succeed in politics. Jindal, despite sounding like Kenneth the Page in a silly sing song voice in his debut, can erase that with thoughtful speeches and debate appearances.

Ultimately, the only way to successfully govern as an executive is to actually govern. One can get by on charm and tenacity to the masses. Jindal is getting into the weeds and making decisions – some good, some bad. Palin is jumping ship early because it would be hard.

The conventional wisdom was always that she should put her head down and work hard. In this particular case, the conventional wisdom was right.

Written by John Whitehouse

July 6, 2009 at 4:14 pm

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