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The Parable of Little Men in the Television

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[I’m blatantly stealing a joke from Douglas Adams and re-purposing it as a critique of American media. With no further delay….]

In an interview with a Democratic politician, A Sunday Show said he was told that Republicans claim they didn’t understand how televisions work, and were convinced that there must be lots of little men inside the box, manipulating images at high speed. The Democrat explained to the Sunday Show host about high-frequency modulations of the electromagnetic spectrum, transmitters and receivers, amplifiers and cathode ray tubes, scan lines moving across and down a phosphorescent screen. The host listened to the engineer with careful attention, nodding his head at every step of the argument. At the end he pronounced himself satisfied. He really did now understand how televisions work. “But I expect there are just a few little men in there, aren’t there?”


If you don’t like this, blame me, not Adams…


Written by John Whitehouse

May 31, 2011 at 7:38 pm

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CNN: We Are All White Women Aged 18-26 Now

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Would CNN give a front page story and nearly 1250 words to describing the parents’ defense regarding a black person or other racial minority accused of murdering someone? I’m guessing no.

But when a white girl is accused of it? Stop the presses, let’s get a full story from the parents on how they raised her. It makes me sick.

Written by John Whitehouse

November 24, 2009 at 1:27 pm